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Resinous Polypore - Ischnoderma resinosum

As the hours wane on this Mushroom Monday let's take a look at Ischnoderma resinosum aka the Resinous Polypore. This mushroom was found fruiting all over a dead log on the southern woodchip path leading up to bonfire rock, on 10/26/2020. This mushroom fruits in the fall across North America, typically in the eastern half of the continent, but can also be found in Europe, Africa, and Asia. When it's young it is quite soft and spongy which will help you distinguish it from a ganoderma species, but the Resinous Polypore hardens as it matures. Additionally, when young it can secrete brown liquid droplets from the cap which is where it gets the name "resinous". The pictures below were taken in the rain and that's why there is some spotting on the caps.

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