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Aubrey Carter

What's up, I'm Aubrey. This website and newsletter are part of how I share my passion and admiration for fungi.


Every Monday, I write a newsletter with a profile and photos of a different mushroom I found (typically from the past week). This project started when I was a gardener in Manhattan's Central Park and the first emails were sent just to coworkers. Since I left the park and moved to the Hudson Valley, the community has blossomed into to hundreds of interested mycophiles from all over the globe.

I'm actively expanding the scope of this project. Some weeks we meet for mushroom walks in Central Park or the surrounding tri-state area, some weeks I recap mushroom conferences and festivals I attended, and going forward I want to delve into other forms of media to help promote fungal education. This whole project has been spurred by my deep appreciation and curiosity of the natural world.

I work full-time in ecological restoration on a nature preserve in the Hudson Valley. That entails the removal of invasive plant species, the reintroduction of native plants, and the overall promotion of biodiversity. I believe there is a societal disconnect with the natural world and I hope that through education and awareness we can begin to reconnect with nature.

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