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Aubrey Carter

Hey, I'm Aubrey. This newsletter and website is part of how I share my love and admiration of fungi.


Every Monday, I write a newsletter with photos and a profile of a mushroom that I find in the world. This project started when I was a gardener in Central Park so I'm currently writing about all the mushrooms I've found there, but I'm keen on expanding it to all the mushrooms I've found elsewhere as well. I worked in Central Park for over four years as a gardener and have just recently begun a new chapter at Manitou Point Preserve in the Hudson Valley.

You're able to scroll through this site and see every newsletter I've sent out since the inception of Mushroom Monday on 10/12/2020. What started off as a fun little educational initiative with coworkers has evolved into a rather formal endeavor, and I get enjoyment out of sharing these fungal finds with you. This whole project has been spurred by my deep appreciation and curiosity of the natural world. My focus shifted specifically to fungi after reading Merlin Sheldrake's Entangled Life in April of 2020.

I've spent time at the Westchester Land Trust, the Greenwich Audubon, and the Greenwich Land Trust. While at the park, I have also worked part-time for Sleepy Cat Farm in Greenwich, CT and I currently serve as the head land steward for the Stamford Land Conservation Trust in Stamford, CT. I graduated from Indiana University in 2016 with a BS in Biology. Currently, I'm involved with the New York Mycological Society and Catskill Fungi. I also host my own mushroom walks and can do private walks upon request.

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